NicMy name is Nicki. I’m a wife and mom living in northern Vermont of the United States. I enjoy writing, reading, teaching, crafts and baking. I’m a Christian, and while this isn’t a religious blog, you should know that my faith influences everything I do. I decided to stop working a full-time job in order to care for my home and family in December of 2007, when my daughter was about 1-1/2 years old. For our family, it was a complete lifestyle adjustment. My husband’s paycheck when matched against our bills and other expenses actually didn’t work, but we were convinced we needed the change.

Follow either of the links for a little more about me or to read my finanacial story.

This blog serves several purposes. The first is as a creative outlet for me. I like to write. Secondly, it serves as troubleshooting for families wanting to “make it” on a tight budget. And lastly, I’ll give you some ideas for managing your home efficiently. Sometimes, I just feel like writing, and what I’m passionate about right now is nurturing my family in a sensible, creative way. I’d like to share some things I’m learning about what’s really important in life and how to decrease the clutter that isn’t.

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