Craving Routine

by Nicki on August 26, 2013

in Managing Time

By the time the end of August rolls around, I may not be ready for summer to end, but I am definitely ready to get back in my groove. This summer has been possibly my busiest to date. We’ve been away a lot and have kept a very irregular, sporadic schedule. That’s one of the beauties of summer – being relaxed. And all summer long, I enjoy it!

It’s wonderful to have a couple months of doing housework … when I get to it; and going to the grocery store … when I have a chance; and what’s for supper?? Umm, lemme see what we have ….

But every summer, I find myself at the end of August thinking, Yeah, I want my routine back now.

Why I love Routine

Routine keeps an even flow to my week, where things are done in a cadence that works with my life so no one thing piles up on me. It makes me feel like life is doable.

Routine helps me be responsible and efficient with my time and  my money.

Routine keeps my daughter happy because she’s well-rested and knows what is expected of her.

Routine creates more family time (in our house, at least).

Where to Start

After the summer that I’ve had with travel gear, extra bedding and miscellaneous STUFF everywhere, I couldn’t just jump back in. I needed to create a start-point. I had to …

Put away all the vacation, luggage,  and seasonal stuff that had been piling up in the corners, waiting for my attention.

Quickly declutter. My apartment (and my car) were forming little piles everywhere. I hate those little piles.

Get back on my sleeping schedule. The entire flow of my day depends on how late I sleep in and how rested I feel. All summer, I’ve been going to bed after 11 and sleeping until 6:30 or 7. My usual, school-year routine requires that I go to bed every day around 10pm and wake every day at 5:15am.

Once I’ve done all that, I can settle in with my laundry, house cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, bedtime routines, work schedule, etc. More on that coming up!

How do you feel about routine? Are you more regimented than I am in the summer? Or are you a free spirit all year long?

Why I do what I do ~ A little background on this one … for years now, we haven’t had cable. We have Netflix instant streaming and Hulu Plus. 

The other day Chloe was telling us about her friend’s television and said, “You know those TVs that just turn on by themselves?” We had no idea what she was talking about. She further explained, “You know, you turn it on and there’s already a show playing and you don’t get to pick it.” Oh my. She thinks our TV viewing is the “normal” and people with cable are deprived.

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